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fabricantes de máquinas de corte de tubos de plasma

Descrición do produto

CNC pipe&plate cutting machine series
This machine support plasma cutting and gas cutting,be equipped with different torch and gas systems respectively. gas cutting is cheaper but with shorter life expectaqncy.and the cutting precesion is lower than plasma cutting.


1.Economical CNC pipe intersecting line cutting machine
2.The machine is comprised of portable CNC cutting machine and pipe turning auxiliary machine.suitable for pipeline intersection line cutting and other complex cutting.
3.Able to be separated into 2 machines for individual use,portable CNC cutting machine could cut any complex flat graphic individually.
4.Easy transference between metal pipeline and plate cutting.
5.Pipe turning auxilary machine use through-hole form,quick get stuck,quick bracket can regulate height according to the pipe diameter.
6.Plasma cutting selectable.

Parámetros técnicos

TipoUsageTensión de entradaAC110/220V
Portable CNC cutting machinepipe cuttingEffective cutting outer diameter60-300mm
Effective cutting lengthStandard 4500mm,Max 6000mm
Velocidade de corte0-2000mm/min
Cutting pipe thickness5-50mm(frame cutting)  plasma cutting depend on the plasma power
plate cuttingEffective cutting width1500mm
Effective cutting lengthStandard 4500mm,Max 6000mm
Velocidade de corte0-2000mm/min
Espesor de corte5-150mm
Pipe turing auxiliary machineTensión de entradaAC220V,50/HZ
Max.pipe weight1000 KG


1. Q: Are you manufaturer or trading company?
A: We are a factory with 28 years manufacturing experience.our main products is IGBT inverter air plasma cutter,CNC cutting machine,welding machine,beveling machine.
2. Q: what certificate do you get?
3 Q:How many days for mass production?
A:15 working days after receipt of remittance.
4 Q:what is your garantee period?
A:1 year.
5. Q:cutting material?
A:carbon steel,mild steel,stainless steel.iron.
6 Q:what after-sale service do you offer?
A: 24 Hours Online Service, Free spare parts for breakdown machine in warranty service

Información básica
Model NO.: ZNC-G3000
Application: Cut Metal Pipe Intersecting Line or Metal Plate
Cutting Method: Support Gas Cutting or Plasma Cutting
Lead Time: 15 Working Days
Nesting Software: Fastcam Brand
CNC control system: Shanghai fangling
motor: stepper motor
Certificate: CE certification
Cutting shape: steel plate or pipe, aluminum plate or pipe
Marca comercial: ACCURL
Paquete de transporte: Caixa de madeira
Orixe: Anhui, China
HS Code: 8475100000


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