máquina de corte de plasma cnc tipo gantry

máquina de corte de plasma cnc tipo gantry

Descrición do produto

Gantry Type CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Economic dual dirve gantry CNC flame plasma cutting machine is a kind of oxygen,gas cutting machine versatile combination od automated CNC cutting machine.Economy,digitization,professional operation,high level of intelligence,complete functions,simple operation is the product of choice for small and medium enterprises.

It mainly used for cutting and forming of carbon steel, stainless steel plate, aluminium alloy and other metal materials, is the preferred cutting model for metal processing industry.

Features of Gantry Type CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
high-power fiber laser generator.
High precision CNC fiber laser cutting machine rack and pinion, linear rails and CNC transmission system .
Mainly used for cutting and forming of carbon steel plate, stainless steel,aluminum and other metal materials.

Advantages of Gantry Type CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
Excellent beam quality: focus spot, work more efficient, better processing quality.
High cutting speed: is the same power CO2 laser cutting machine 2 times.
Extremely high stability: The world's top imported fiber laser, stable performance, the key components of life up to 100,000 hours.
High electro-optical conversion rate: fiber laser cutting machine than the CO2 laser cutting machine electro-optical conversion rate 3 times higher, energy saving and environmental protection.
Low cost of use: The whole power consumption is only 20-30% of similar CO2 laser cutting machine.
Low maintenance costs: no laser working gas; fiber optic transmission, without reflector, can save a lot of maintenance costs.
Product operation and maintenance convenience: optical transmission, without adjusting the optical path.
Super flexible light guide effect: small size, compact structure, easy flexible processing.

Technical parameters of Gantry Type CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Tamaño de traballo1300mm×2500mm1500mm×3000mm
Lonxitude de onda do láser1070±10nm
Laser output power200W/300W/400W/500W/1000W
Espesor de corte0.2-3mm/4mm/5mm/8mm/12mm
Máx. velocidade de corte30m/min (depends on the material and its thickness)
Precisión da posición≤ ± 0,04 mm
Min. line width≤0.12mm
Type of coolingRefrixeración por auga
Sistema de conduciónJapan YASKAWA servo motor and drivers
TransmisiónX axis with imported ball screw, Y axis with imported square rail and gears
Tensión de traballoAC220V/110V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz

Main Parts of Gantry Type CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Body of gantry struction:
it beams overall by vibraion aging treatment to eliminate stress,with good rigidity,strong degree of deformation.

Panasonic servo motor drives and 360-degree anti-collision design plasma device:
Aspect to the organization are Panasonic servo motor drives,lifting motor to DC motor dive used in Taiwan,led by the vice-screw drive,precision gear reducer planetary gear selection,guaranteed to run precision.Flame and plasma damage to the material,and a plasma device while used 360-degree anti-collision design,even the torch in collision can effectively prevent damage.

Servizo posvenda:

1. User's manual in English will be sent along with machine for installation, operation, maintenance and trouble-shooting, and technical guide will be provided by e-mail, fax, telephone, skype….

2. Our technician can go to customer's site for installation and training according to customer's request, the relevant expenses will be borne by the customer.

3. We welcome customers to our factory for training of installation, operation, machine trouble-shooting, and maintenance

Información básica
Laser Technology: Laser Flame Cutting
Product Name: Gantry Type CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
Cutting Thickness: 0.2-12mm
Cutting Area: 1300*2500mm/1500*3000mm
Cutting Speed: 0-30000mm/Min
Software de control: Cypcut
Laser Wavelength: 1070±10nm
Laser Output Power: 200W/300W/400W/500W/1000W
Position Accuracy: ≤±0.04mm
Min. Line Width: ≤0.12mm
Marca comercial: ACCURL
Transport Package: Standard Wooden Case
Specification: Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Orixe: China


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