mini máquina de corte de auga de metal portátil do provedor de China

provedores de máquinas de corte de chorro de auga

Descrición do produto

I. General introduction of the scheme

1. Equipment name: CNC ultra-máquina de corte de chorro de auga a alta presión

2. Equipment mode: 1525

3. Quantity: one set

The triaxial CNC ultra-high pressure máquina de corte de chorro de auga which mode is 1525 mainly consist of ultra-high pressure generator, CNC system, cutting platform, high-pressured water switch and cutting head, high pressure pipeline, and automatic sand feeding machine etc.

II. Equipment configuration and main technical performance description:

1. High pressure generator 42037Z

1.1 Main features:

l Adopt USA premium brand imported booster

l Hydraulic pump is automatic variable pump

l Plate heat exchanger

l Second level water filter

l Second level inflow and boosting

l Oil outlet, oil back double filtration and pollution warning

l Between main motor and oil pump adopts elastic connection

l The booster only has very less wearing parts

l Automatic stop while overvoltage and undervoltage automatic protection function

l To prevent voltage peak influencing energy consumption, the high pressure generator is equipped with star-delta starter.

l Adopt imported with original packaging electromagnetic relief valve and electro-hydraulic reversal valve

l Have the function of overvoltage safety protection

1.2 Main technical parameters

Max oil pump flow: 107L/min

Max high pressure water flow: 3.8L/min

Max available water nozzle diameter: 0.30mm

Max pressure: 420MPa (60000psi)

Continuous cutting pressure range: 50-380Mpa (pressure can be set)

Main motor power: 37KW (50Hp)

Power supply: 380V/50Hz, three phase

Energy accumulator: 1.2L

Max cutting thickness:30mm

2. CNC system

2.1 Main features:

l CNC control

l Adopt the professional IPC for water cutting customized by Advantech for our company

l 19cun LCD

2.2 Water cutting software main functions

l Industrial PC platform, special water cutting software based on Windows

l The system can directly support UG, MASTERCAM, CASMATE, Art CAM, AUTOCAD, CorelDraw and various other kinds of G code, PLT code format generated by CAD/CAM software, and carved processing files ENG code format, DXF file format.

l Constant speed control function

l Coordinate recovery function while outage

l Inflection point speed reducing function

l Convenient pause continue and start processing at any section function

l Delay time can be set free

l Cutting parameter storage function

3. Cutting platform (HEAD2050BA)

3.1 Main features:

l Adopt gantry structure

l Machine body and bearing platform adopt separated structure

l Cutting platform X-beam adopts one-time extrusion forming aluminium alloy material, with light weight, strong rigidity and without deformation, which is the most advanced technology in water cutting machine.

l Adopt Taiwan ABBA ball screw, linear guide rail

l Adopt integrated dust prevention sealing structure

l Adopt high quality support chain and special cable

l Connection between driving motor and ball screw adopts flexible coupling for direct connection

l Double protection function of over-travel automatic limit and soft limit

l Y-direction machine body main structural parts adopt casting structure and concrete structure

l Z-axis adopts dual-rail matched with four sliding blocks

l Adopt electric control intelligent automatic lubrication system